Titan: The Inexorable/Chapter 1

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She's tall. She's transcendentally beautiful. She has eyes like fire and hair of spun gold. Some would say she's divine.

The Consorts are the most perfect of the Titans, possessed of a beauty and charisma beyond mortals.

Divine Domains[edit]

Consorts are most often gods of lust, wrath, or other passionate emotions.

Their Cults are almost always formed around their personality and charisma, and tend to be unfocused and wild, with rituals and services centered around unfettered expression of the Consort's emotions.

To Be a God[edit]

The Consorts are usually highly passionate, intemperate individuals. They are prone to brief obsessions and tend to be finicky and capricious, occupying themselves with hedonism and vice very easily.

Condition: The Curse of Myrrha Consorts are extremely jealous, especially when others steal their thunder. You gain +2 on rolls to outdo those who outperform you in things related to your Essences. Place a token on this Condition each time your superiority is called into question

Beat: Gain a beat when you resort to violence, trickery or coercion to discourage competition.

Resolution: When the tokens on this Condition exceed your Composure, Resolve this Condition. The next time you would put a token on this condition, you instead gain the Wanton Condition

Attribute: Presence

Erga: Consorts prefer Erga that manipulate base emotions like fear, lust or joy. They are usually associated with human violence, hedonism and addiction. Sample Erga include Addictive Bliss, Apple of Discord, David’s Sling, Muse, Panic, Surrender and Wrath.


  • Cosmoi: Yes, yes, phenomenal cosmic power. Any money in it? Didn't think so.
  • Mimar: How could you have seen that coming? It's not fair dammit!
  • Demiurges: Not looking for judgement, just an answer here, but could you possibly make my consort into a giraffe? Don't look at me like that, I've seen your search history.
  • Sturmaz: You're all noise and no fun.
  • Werewolves: I don't know about all this "hunt" business, but damn if I don't like your spirit.
  • Sin-Eaters: Death, drugs and rock-n-roll. My kind of party.


His eyes are far off when he speaks, as if there's something fascinating just out of your field of view. You'd think he was rude if you weren't so damn curious what he saw.

Cosmoi are masters of the more abstract parts of our world, touching a spiritual realm and holding the strings of fate and time.

Divine Domains[edit]

In ancient times, Cosmoi were regarded as masters of the sky, especially astral bodies, and often held sway over destiny.

Their Cults are obsessed with the mysteries of the universe, being as much scholars and mathematicians as they are worshipers.

To Be a God[edit]

The nature of the Cosmos is a distant one. They may feel, but they are often very distant, and tend toward alien logic that discounts human emotion.

Condition: Curse of Chronos Cosmoi have an innate sense of scale, affording them impressive patience or focus, but making them slow to react to outside threats. You gain the benefits of the Good Time Management Merit. If you already have this Merit, reduce the time between rolls to 1/3 instead of 1/2. Place a token on this when your intended course of action is rendered impossible or a failure due to unforeseen circumstances.

Beat: Gain a beat when you fail to react to an unexpected threat.

Resolution: When the tokens on this Condition exceed your Composure, Resolve this Condition. The next time you would gain a token on this condition, you instead suffer the Insensate Tilt.

Attribute: Intelligence

Erga: The Erga of Cosmoi tend to be centered around controlling abstract phenomena like space, time or societal systems. They are often associated with geometry, causality and abstract ideas. Sample Erga include Reach Beyond Grasp, Serendipity, Setting the Clock, Superposition, Twisting Spaces, Universal Truth and Weft of Fate.


  • Consorts: Childish at times, but admittedly imposing.
  • Mimar: They claim to be seers, but are blind to the cosmos.
  • Demiurges: Materialistic, and concerned far too much with ultimately short-lived beings.
  • Sturmaz: You deal in forces beneath my notice.
  • Geniuses: Oh, the things I could show you.
  • Demons: Now, if I connect this circuit here, what do you think will happen?


He stands, unmoving, as the river flows and the trees wave in the wind. He hasn't moved in so long, people believe he is a mountain. In many ways, he is a mountain. The earth shakes and the mountain stands. Today is a bad day to live at his feet.

Demiurges are the immovable masters of the material, shaping physical matter as it pleases them.

Divine Domains[edit]

Demiurges tend to be the least active of Titans, much like the physical features associated with them. They maintain a sense of constancy and order that others would be well-advised not to disrupt.

Cults of Demiurges tend to be very staid and dogmatic, and are almost always tethered to some geographical feature that the Demiurge calls home, and will react violently to any attempts to "sully" it.

To Be a God[edit]

Demiurges are extremely stoic, rarely letting their emotions to the surface. Many aren't sure if this is a conscious effort, or if they are just naturally unexpressive. Some are genuinely tranquil, but most just push their emotions down, letting it build until it erupts, usually leading to natural disasters and trails of chaos and destruction.

Condition: The Curse of Pompeii Demiurges hold back their emotions to the point where they can figuratively (or literally) erupt with rage. You receive 9-again on rolls to keep your emotions in check, including resisting emotional coercion, but each time you succeed, place a token on this Condition.

Beat: Fail to keep your emotions in check.

Resolution: When the tokens on this Condition exceed your Composure, Resolve this Condition. The next time you would place a token on this Condition, you instead gain the Wrathful Condition.

Attribute: Strength

Erga: Demiurges manipulate life and geography with their Erga. They are associated with living things, spirits and the earth. Sample Erga include Demon King, Dowsing, Gleaming Skin, Invigoration, Nature’s Shape, Pack of Wolves and Sculptor’s Hand.


  • Consorts: Your beauty is barely skin-deep.
  • Cosmoi: No feelings. I pity them.
  • Mimar: Tell me, when will I next erupt?
  • Sturmaz: No self control. I envy them.
  • Vampires: How do you manage to lose yourself to bloodlust so easily when you have no emotions?
  • Prometheans: You're not the only one with problems, friend. Now leave before I'm forced to make you leave.


Ever since you were a child, you were gifted with perception and foresight. Everyone hated you for it. You could predict how everyone's actions would turn out, and perhaps for a while you try to warn people off. Always, you were ignored, and always, you were blamed.

You usually keep things to yourself, now.

Divine Domains[edit]

Mimar are seers and keepers of secrets, the original mystics. Some prefer to acquire some knowledge in a diverse set of subjects, while many find a single secret and become its master.

Their Cults are full of Soothsayers and mediums, who wish to use their god's knowledge to touch the future and other realms of existence.

To Be a God[edit]

Knowing the future can be maddening, especially when nobody will listen.

Condition: The Curse of Foreknowledge Mimar have a keen sense of the flow of events, especially danger. You receive the benefits of the Danger Sense Merit, or increase the bonus to +3 if they already have it. Every time your counsel is ignored, place a token on this Condition.

Beat: Fail to act on knowledge of the future.

Resolution: When the tokens on this Condition exceed your Composure, Resolve this Condition. The next time you would place a token on this Condition, you instead gain the Powerless Condition.

Attribute: Intelligence

Erga: Mimar are knowers and keepers of secrets and the future, with Erga to reflect that. They are associated with knowledge, prophecy and extrasensory perception. Sample Erga include Augury, Command Memory, Distant Sight, Foresight, Mimisbrunnr, Necromancy and Secrecy.


  • Consorts: I'm telling you, you don't want to hit that.
  • Cosmoi: Seriously, what good could come from reaching that far?
  • Demiurges: I appreciate your patience, but this is time for decisive action.
  • Sturmaz: ...Fuck it. I give up.
  • Mages: Have you come to drink of my well? It will cost you.
  • Deviants: Your quest for revenge will only end in suffering, friend.


An icy wind howls, as the blizzard blows down buildings and buries what it can't knock over. Thunder rumbles as the storm gives birth to lightning. Within a day, they will be gone. Within a week, they'll never be found.

That's why you're not to be crossed.

Divine Domains[edit]

Sturmaz are gods of the primal forces of nature, representing storms, disasters and the wilds.

Their Cults mostly center around quelling their wrath and keeping them calm enough that they don't level everything in sight when something next goes wrong. Their rituals often involve braving the elements.

To Be a God[edit]

Sturmaz, being the personification of nature's wrath, tend to be very intimidating, but lack self-control.

Condition: The Curse of Rage Your divine nature is one of terror. You receive a +3 bonus to Intimidation rolls to cow or coerce others, and every time you make such a roll, place a token on this Condition.

Beat: Solve a problem with violence that could have been more easily solved otherwise.

Resolution: When the tokens on this Condition exceed your Composure, Resolve this Condition. The next time you would place a token on this Condition, you instead gain the Bestial Condition.

Attribute: Strength

Erga: Sturmaz are fonts of primordial force, with Erga that grant them control over the elements. They are associated with natural disasters, death and destruction. Sample Erga include Babel, Banshee Wail, Bloodlust, Inferno, Plague, Storm Drum and Tethys's Dominion.


  • Consorts: You think you're passionate. How adorable.
  • Cosmoi: Just point me in the right direction, I can get us whatever we want.
  • Mimar: How about you shut your smug mouth before I burn it off your fucking face.
  • Demiurges: I know I'll never be able to control myself like you. But if you see me lunge, just tackle me.
  • Werewolves: Now these guys are my speed. Who are we fucking up next?
  • Changelings: The guys who took you work off of fairy tales, huh? Maybe a good disaster movie is just what those assholes need.