Titan: The Inexorable/Chapter 3/Erga

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The Titans are divine masters of reality, and have such an intuitive grasp on creation that they can simply demand it bend to their will. This mastery is absolute in degree, but not breadth, however. Their mastery takes the form of Erga.


Each Ergo is broken into three parts, representing different levels of power and control. These levels are Mastery, which takes the form of a continuous passive effect; the Mystika, more potent supernatural powers which require a roll of Skill + Theotis and 1 or more points of Willpower; and Thaumata, incredible powers of divine supremacy paralleled by none, and cost a temporary dot of Theotis.


Theotis deserves a little explanation, since it works somewhat differently than other Supernatural Tolerances, being a lot more likely to fluctuate during play. When activating their most powerful abilities or performing rituals, a Titan may be required to expend a dot of Theotis. This isn't the Titan burning away their divine essence, so much as exhausting a renewable resource.

When a Titan spends Theotis, their Theotis is reduced for dice pools and skill and attribute maxima, but their actual Theotis amount doesn't fall. The Titan maintains her Willpower maximum and regeneration, and any other traits based on Theotis.

Regaining Theotis[edit]

A Titan replenishes a dot of Theotis at a rate of one per week naturally, as her divine essence reasserts itself. Additionally, she can forcibly take Theotis from another Titan or Deos or recover Theotis from her cult's worship.

Sample Erga[edit]

The Erga presented below are not, by any means, exhaustive. Players and Storytellers are encouraged to come up with Erga for their characters as appropriate.