Titan The Inexorable/Chapter 1/Jötnar

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Who We Were[edit]

The Jötunn were giants of Norse myths, born from fire and ice who formed the world from primordial chaos. Many called us ugly, monstrous, terrible beings with many heads and hands, but this is a vicious lie. We are beautiful and terrible beings, beholden to none, not Vanir nor Æsir. All other gods sprung from our bodies, even the so-called "All-Father" Odin.

Admittedly, the lesser gods were a match for us, winning their battles through treachery and cunning when their strength failed them. They managed to push us back, but we know that one day our Raganrök will come, and we will emerge victorious.

Who We Are[edit]

We wait patiently for the Fimbulwinter, which shall herald the beginning of the war. Many do not believe the old stories, but they still seek our victory, so they listen to our elders for now. Waiting is often not enough, however. Many choose to bring the winter to us, causing strife and war in the world. We are not ready for the war, and if it were to come now, we would assuredly lose. The Ouranoi and Sutekhites are sometimes useful for growing our power base or cleaning up after our more impatient children, but they are not to be trusted.

Other Pantheons[edit]

  • Asuras: We only need two mortals. the rest are just dead weight.
  • Ouranoi: Power-hungry and deceitful, but they usually have money, and a gun beats an axe.
  • Sutekhites: Your attachment to the status quo is borne of cowardice, not discipline.
  • Nephilim: Why serve when you can rule?
  • Agnostics: The war is coming. Pick a side.

Outside Forces[edit]

  • Werewolves: You will make good soldiers in the war.
  • Begotten: You look exactly like my great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother, Aethrasdóttir.
  • Sin-Eaters: If you bring the dead to our side, you may feast with us.