Titan The Inexorable/Chapter 3/Agnostics

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Who We Were[edit]

We really weren't a thing way back in the bad old days. When Titans were in charge, we basically watched monkeys bang rocks with sticks until they banged us with rocks and sticks. The survivors scattered and hid. Not much more to it.

Who We Are[edit]

We are whoever we want to be. We have no interest in games of divinity, and we don't want any part in world conquest. We never wanted this, and if we could give it back, we could.

Other Pantheons[edit]

  • Asuras: Right. Good luck with that.
  • Jötnar: If we're headed for war, consider me a conscientious objector.
  • Ouranoi: I don't care. I don't work for you, I don't know you, and I'm not interested in your shit.
  • Sutekhites: Please stop murdering people. It just draws attention.
  • Nephilim: Thump your books elsewhere, padre.
  • Agnostics: What a bunch of assholes.

Outside Forces[edit]

  • Hunters: Listen, all I want is to watch some TV. Go kill somebody more worthwhile.
  • Prometheans: Yeah, I'm not a fan of my powers, either.
  • Beasts: Being a monster sucks. I don't get how you can enjoy it so much.