Titan The Inexorable/Chapter 1/Asuras

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Who We Were[edit]

In the old days of India, Asuras were beings of excellence and mastery over the world. Some were good, some were bad, and many had regular interaction with humanity. While Hindu texts mention asuras many times, referring to a broad variety of supernatural entities, the greatest were always the Titans.

While most were, according to their own claims, virtuous beings, as time went by, they abandoned morality and holiness in favor of serving their own lusts and base urges, defiling sacred places and breaking holy laws as they pleased. Eventually, the Devas were forced to destroy the Asuras. Those few that survived learned from their mistakes. Some joined the Devas, calling themselves Devav-Asuras. They eventually fell again and were slain. Even fewer survivors hid, waiting for the Devas to leave to heaven.

When they returned, they understood that they could not reclaim their virtue, and instead choose to guide mortals to greatness in their stead.

Who We Are[edit]

Today, the Asuras are humanitarians and peacemakers who have been trying unsuccessfully to advance mankind. They never take a public role, refusing to draw attention to themselves out of humility and shame, and seek to improve the world behind the scenes. Corruption and sabotage run rampant in the Pantheon, as outsiders hamper their efforts, preferring to exploit humanity's weakness. Their main adversary are the Ouranoi, but most Titans that don't openly oppose the Asuras still consider humans not worth their care.

The Other Pantheons[edit]

  • Jötnar: How can you keep going with such pessimism? Are you allergic to hope?
  • Ouranoi: It is Titans like you that caused us to fall so far.
  • Sutekhites: Your methods are far less admirable than your goals.
  • Nephilim: Redemption will never come friend. You would be better off helping those who still have a chance.
  • Agnostics: How can you be so passive?

Outside Forces[edit]

  • Mages: You stand on the precipice of greatness, and worry yourself with petty feuds and politics. History repeats.
  • Promethean: Leave, before I make you leave. You are nothing but trouble.
  • Hunters: I am trying to help you, dammit!