Titan The Inexorable/Chapter 3/Nephilim

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Who We Were[edit]

The Lord created the world, pulling back the primal chaos to form all Creation. He made light and dark separate, and in doing so, created the choirs of angels. We were not those angels. We were born of their sins and failures. We were born in mortal flesh of angelic blood, giants and abominations called Nephilim. We were born from sin, into sin, and all we did was sin. We occupied the rightful homes of God's people and were destroyed as punishment.

Those that survived fled, assuming that only God's mercy protected them. Knowing this, some chose to devote themselves to God's service, hoping for redemption.

Who We Are[edit]

We are the hand of God. Led by divine providence, we carry out His will in the world. Some of us work within the Church, others are more independent, and those who think God's will is different than you think it is are obviously being misled by demons and must be killed.

Other Pantheons[edit]

  • Asuras: Your ideals are admirable, but you will fail until you accept God.
  • Jötnar: Heathens and barbarians. Your war will come, and you will lose.
  • Ouranoi: They worship themselves. That will definitely pan out.
  • Sutekhites: Impostors who claim to be working for the greater good.
  • Agnostics: Have you heard the good news?

Outside Forces[edit]

  • Demons: Do you want to work for the real God?
  • Mages: I believe there was one like you in the Bible. His name was Solomon.
  • Sin-Eaters: That is not the Archangel Michael, and you are not his herald. Neither are the other dozens who make that claim.