Titan The Inexorable/Chapter 3/Ouranoi

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Who We Were[edit]

We were children of the Sky and Earth, born to rule over the primordial humans. Were were gods, kings, and forces of nature that none dared to question. Everything was as nature intended. The puny apes were nothing to us, and we liked it that way. Then one of us decided to get a bleeding heart and gave the humans fire. We made sure to tie him to a rock and have birds eat his liver.

The gods of Olympus that usurped us weren't gods at all. They were a bunch of poseur mortals playing at divinity. They lied and cheated and tricked us, and stole our throne. Now they're gone, and we're free to take it back.

Who We Are[edit]

We are the kings, moguls and leaders. We run your life whether you know it or not. You want in? You're going to have to pay some serious dues. But don't you get any ideas, because I will not hesitate to do to you what we did to Ouranus.

Other Pantheons[edit]

  • Asuras: Pathetic cowards, too afraid of their own greatness to amount to anything.
  • Jötnar: Point them at somebody, then sell them both weapons.
  • Sutekhites: You assholes are the reason I couldn't turn a profit this quarter.
  • Nephilim: I was wrong. These are the pathetic ones.
  • Agnostics: I'll give you fifty bucks to hold this bag for me.

Outside Forces[edit]

  • Vampires: You're adorable!
  • Demons: Listen, I've got a few jobs that'd be perfect for you.
  • Geniuses: Not worth the money most of the time.