Wraith: The Forgotten/Chapter Two: Character Creation/Elegies

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Elegies are how Wraiths define themselves after they find themselves in the Shadowlands, but they are a bit more abstract than a profession or cultural identity. Most Wraiths won't call themselves "body snatchers" or "watchers," but they do usually fall into one of those niches.

Body Snatchers[edit]

Body Snatcher take joy in experiencing the sensations of the Skin, even in death. Some will share with a willing host, or at least keep it quiet and unobtrusive, but some others care nothing for the lives they destroy in their hedonism.

How we get Pathos: We usually host parties at our old haunts, try to strike up a conversation about ourselves. It's not easy keeping the giggles down when we talk about ourselves like strangers, you know.

Arcanos: Puppetry

Concepts: Carouser, body-swapping killer


  • Mystics: Magic this, secrets that. Unless there's booze involved, I can't really say I care.
  • Poltergeister: Well, at least they know how to enjoy themselves.
  • Reapers: Listen man, I didn't know that was your friend. Put the gun down!
  • Watchers: You're way too caught up in your old life to enjoy the perks of being dead.
  • Traitors: Quite frankly, he's an asshole. Screw him.


Mystics are fascinated with the supernatural, especially as it relates to their existence. If anyone is likely to have some bit of supernatural knowledge a Wraith needs, it will be in the hands of a Mystic, something they aren't afraid to monetize.

How we get Pathos: Secrets are worth quite a pretty penny, and there's no shortage of ghosts to...feed upon in the Shadowland.

Arcanos: Fatalism

Concepts: Ghostly doctor, Guru, dead exorcist, ephemeral craftsman


  • Body Snatchers: The very definition of "wasted potential."
  • Poltergeister: If you ruin another page of my books, I swear I'll soulforge you into an ashtray.
  • Reapers: I really wish you'd let me explain why this kills them.
  • Watchers: The mortals you stare at are hardly any less ephemeral than you are.
  • Traitors: So tell me, does it hurt when I put this blade here?


The life of a Poltergeist is simple: Cause a mess and watch it unfold. Other than Body Snatchers, Poltergeister are probably the most concerned with the Skin, whipping up chaos among the mortals for fun and profit.

How we get Pathos: Hauntings are our main thing. We cause chaos, break things, and raise hell in the hopes of drumming up Pathos.

Arcanos: Pandemonium

Concepts: Vengeful ghost, ephemeral prankster, agent of chaos


  • Body Snatchers: You wear a suit made of person? That's disgusting, and I make the walls leak slime.
  • Mystics: That's great. I can totally use that schtick in my hauntings.
  • Reapers: No worries Lumpy, anyone who can wreck things like you can is good in my book.
  • Watchers: ...How can you just sit there silently!?
  • Traitors: I'm going to find all your Anchors and personally throw them into a volcano. Hopefully, you'll be there to watch.


Reapers are warriors and fighters in the Shadowlands. Some take down threats like rogue ghosts or Specters, while others will fight whomever, with a few taking glee in hunting down Wraiths or even mortals.

How we get Pathos: Most of us were fighters in life, so people tend to remember us. Regardless, there's usually call for mercenary work and security, and there's usually some Pathos leftover when we've finished something off.

Arcanos: Outrage

Concepts: Spirit cop, Shadowland defender, Guild enforcer


  • Body Snatchers: Why would you want to hide in a wispy little meat suit as that?
  • Mystics: Skip the mumbo-jumbo. How do I kill it?
  • Poltergeister: Alright, you get behind and I'll push.
  • Watcher: Good, good. So when is he alone?
  • Traitor: Go ahead and call your buddies. More for me to kill.


Watchers are those who are still hung up on their old lives. Sometimes, they choose to watch over their loved ones. Others want revenge. A few just have a hard time accepting that they're gone.

How we get Pathos: We live on our Legacy and Memoriam, mostly, but we guard our Anchors more jealously than anyone. It's not just junk to us, it's our lives.

Arcanos: Embody

Concepts: Ghost in denial, guardian angel, avenging revenant


  • Body Snatchers: What, your own life wasn't good enough, asshole?
  • Mystics: Who cares what kind of spirits there are? I just want to go home.
  • Poltergeister: Dammit, I liked them. Why did you have to do that?
  • Reapers: You remind me a lot of the guy who killed me. I didn't like him very much.
  • Traitors: Whatever. Just leave me and mine alone.


Traitors are people who sold out to the Specters. Spies, saboteurs, murderers, and cowards, if you ask the rest of Wraith society. Some have reasons that they claim are valid, but those who are found out are usually shredded before they can explain.

How we Pathos: We take it. Eating Specters, torturing Wraiths, shredding Ghosts, if we want it, it's ours.

Arcanos: Any one Dark Arcanos

Concepts: Specter-worshiper, mad cultist, collaborateur, Manchurian agent


  • Body Snatchers: They don't know where the real party is.
  • Mystics: I can show you so many secrets. Just take my hand.
  • Poltergeister: You want to see chaos? How about a Maelstrom?
  • Reapers: It's like watching a rat try to wrestle with an elephant.
  • Watchers: Please. Mortals are tools at best, you pathetic loser.